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The year was 1882. It was the year of the first World Series…the first string of Christmas lights were created by Thomas Edison…and thanks to the intersection of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe, and the Texas & St. Louis railways, a new town was born. McGregor, first known as McGregor Springs, was incorporated and established as a railroad town and a commercial shipping center. As the Great Depression became a reality across the country, the community of McGregor remained fairly strong, even though some losses did take place.

In 1942, the McGregor economy received a significant boost when the U.S. Army acquired 18,000 acres of farmland to build the Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant. During this time, McGregor tripled in size; growing to over 6,000 residents.

Following WWII, the plant was either sold to individuals or transitioned into new manufacturing opportunities (rocket engines, solid propellants or gas generators).

In time, the facility served the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, and finally the U.S. Navy under several designations.

From 1942 until its closure in 1995, the mission of the facility included the research, testing and manufacture of weapons and solid-fuel rocket propulsion systems.

olsonToday, McGregor is thankful to have companies like SpaceX and Ferguson residing in our Industrial Park as anchor tenants. Over fifteen different industries employ more than 3,000 people in our fair community.

With the continued success of Vision2030, we see growth and development in our business districts and our Industrial Park. New housing is on the way with the development of “The Parks of McGregor”. A new Education Foundation has been formed in order to better support the students in the McGregor Independent School System.

So much work has been completed through Vision2030 that we, now, find ourselves asking “what’s next”. By January, 2017, the citizens of McGregor will be asked to join hands once again to re-visit the Vision2030 plan in the hopes of developing the next generation of our community’s vision.


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